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Solving Different Challenges through Prototyping with HCD Approach

Sharing Vision for Indosat Ooredoo

Design Thinking Consulting,

Design Thinking Consulting,

2-Day Workshop


Design Challenge

Indosat Ooredoo as one of the biggest telco and networks providers in Indonesia embodies the collaborative work from executive level to front-liners. How can we equip different level of personnel with creative, agile, and human-centered approach?

Proposed Solution

Giving workshop about human-centered design (HCD) and crash course to design thinking that they can practice towards any future internal challenges or the ones related to their customers.

“Brainstorming through mind-mapping is one of  the best ways to conduct a collaborative discussion within a group with various backgrounds.”


  • 2-day training program
  • Prototyping materials
  • Shareable lesson modules

Tools of Trade

  • Design Thinking
  • HDC

Day 1

The program span for several months covering from headquarter office in Jakarta to branch offices of Indosat Ooredoo around Indonesia. Widely from Makassar to Semarang, Balikpapan. Bandung, and several times at Jakarta HQ.


We started the workshop with a warm up, giving the knowledge of disruptive digital technology to the participants and introduction to design thinking as the core lesson. we ended the day with Wallet Project to simulate ta full cycle of design thinking.

“Prototyping at work is giving form to an idea, allowing us to learn from it, evaluate it against other, and improve upon it.”

~ Tim Brown

“The workshop started out with a presentation about Disruptive Technology by Sharing Vision, and continued with Introduction to Design Thinking by Labtek Indie”

One of disruptive technology product sample by Choki Choki, consumers get to play with AR using the game cards given as compliment in the product package.”

Day 2

On this second day, we divided participants into groups of 6 people. We put as many company’s problems as we could as the context. And starting from those problems, participants try to apply the lesson they have from the first day to the problem statement they want to solve. As the result, each group has a different problem with a prototype on an idea as the solution.

“On second day, each group worked within the problem statement they what to solve.”

"Idea and product presentation presented through storytelling and simulation."