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Providing Corporate Values through Creative and Engaging Format

Zurich Insurance

Interactive Installation,

Design Thinking Consulting, Rapid Prototyping,

3 sprint


Design Challenge

Zurich Insurance targeted a premium class user, while at the time they sponsored an international golf tournament. How can we present insurance corporate values through a way that is more fun and light for future customer?

Proposed Solution

Using Virtual Reality as the latest gimification format to attract people, and during the game, users will get company values as light insertions.

“VR is one of the mediums that Labtek Indie has interest on and we do investigation and trial through prototyping on how to optimise its utilisation.”


  • Product backlog
  • VR game
  • Hardware: 3D printed mini golf stick
  • Installation operator during event

Tools of Trade

  • Design Thinking
  • Scrum
  • Unity
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Arduino
  • Rhinoceros 3D

“Research is the gathering of facts. In the absence of facts, you have assumptions. And assumptions are the enemy of design.”

~ Mike Monteiro

Design Thinking Consultation

In order to gain a user-centered product, we held a Design Thinking workshop with a team of designers and personnel from Zurich Innovation division. At the event, we try to dig deeper the objectives of the company and to understand more about their market. From 4 hours of workshop, we captured different types of users and simulated different ideas using paper prototyping that capture types of interfaces we assumed would comply to the objectives and the users as well.

“Co-creation is a process where different parties (such as company, users, vendors, designers, marketers, and experts) work together to produce a mutually valued outcome. In this process, everyone gets to share ideas, make prototypes, get feedbacks, and make improvements. The process is done iteratively in order to approach the desired result.”

Sprint 1

Back to our HQ, we did the design thinking once more to aligned client’s and user’s needs. Here we prototyped the gameplay, ergonomics, and the placement of a virtual object in the game. Once again, we use cardboard and paper to validate our assumption.

“We tested our product to validate our design.”

In this sprint, we developed the technical aspect of the game. The game mechanics were developed using Unity 3D while we tried to build a custom golf stick controller to replace a conventional gamepad. In the end of the 1st sprint, we have the working prototype of VR game and a bare metal controller built in Arduino and inertial measurement unit.

Sprint 2 - Sprint 3

It is important to balance the gameplay and the marketing content so that it could answer client’s need in introducing Zurich Insurance’s products line-up. So our focus in 2nd and 3rd sprint were to develop more balanced gameplay while refining our custom golf controller to add immersion in the game.

Pic. 2

The Event

Pic. 3

Valuable Lesson

  • How to make a durable mobile VR that could stand the heat of the outdoor event.
  • How to make a robust game controller with a minimum number of calibration.