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Connecting People Based on Music Preferences for Dating Purpose


Digital Application,

Design Thinking Consulting, Rapid Prototyping,

1 Sprint


Design Challenge

The rise of social media giving people space to grow friendship in a numerous way, including music. How might we connect people through the same delicacy in music?

Proposed Solution

The rise of social media giving people space to grow friendship in a numerous way, including music. How might we connect people through the same delicacy in music?

“Investigating a potential users through user stories and apply rapid paper prototyping to simulate the initial idea.


  • Product backlog
  • Source Code for application and server
  • Compiled Android application

Tools of Trade

  • Design Thinking
  • Scrum
  • Native Android
  • Java
  • Laravel

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

~ Andy Warholl

Design Thinking Consultation

At the first time, Hakoo came with the idea of making social media with Spotify in it. We conducted a design thinking sessions at first because we had difficulties in deciding basic needs of client’s application. We mapping possible user scenario by breaking down what might people see, think, feel and do when listening to music.

“We are very avid on using paper prototyping as an easy and playful tool to simulate any potential ideas.”

After the mapping, we grouping keywords that might contain valuable feature for the app to be. They are: exploring, connecting and sharing. Exploring means how the apps help users to explore others who has similar taste in music while also filtering users in selected area. Sharing means how the users could choose to share his/her personal Connecting, means how the apps could grow user’s network by adding suitable users from exploring the page to his/her network/friend list or by personal connect request.


From the design thinking process, we captured the basic needs of Hakoo is providing a platform for connecting music listeners based on their music preferences.

Sprint 1

We are using native android (java) to prototype the app, while we are using a laravel-based server to perform post and request to the apps. We designed and developed  Tinder-like applications that explore, sort and connect people based on its musical delicacy.

Pic. 1


After we deliver the prototype, it seems that Hakoo were developed more specifically for match making apps: Pokio. The basic interaction remains, while they have a major update in design. Further development of Pokio can be explored here.

Pic. 2

Valuable Lesson

This is only a prototype that was being developed for 1 (one) Sprint, each Sprint consists of 10 days of work. Nevertheless, this prototype is very valuable to show the first MVP (minimum viable product). After this, the team can continue to develop to the next MVP or use the prototype to find investors and to conduct user testing to get feedback that can be taken into account for the second Sprint.