What can Labtek Indie really do?

We have three core services; Design Thinking, Rapid, Prototyping, and Financial Consulting (VCFO). For further info, you can go here.

Why was it named Labtek Indie?

Let’s see. You might hear Labtek as in ‘Laboratorium Teknik’ before. Indie means independent. So, we are an independent, objective company that emphasize scientific process from research, design, to development. We also adopt engineering method, then mix it together with creativity to create a new perspective. We just happen to be a bunch of curious people who exercise certain methodology, but deep inside we definitely know how to be fun.

Why do you do prototyping instead of building the product straight to the final?

Product development is very complex. We will face many uncertainty and risks. Without proper planning, research, and enough experience, it can lead to failure, because your product turns out to be what your users don’t need. In the end, it will only leave us with time and money loss. That’s why we need product prototyping to reduce risk. Rapid Prototyping allows us to develop a product based on the most valuable feature. Each step of prototyping gives us space for feedback and experiment with many approaches continuously until we get the fully developed product. Click here to learn how we do Rapid Prototyping based on SCRUM methods.

So, what else can you guys do and deliver for us?

Aside from research and help our clients to make product backlog, our team also develop the product. Read here to find out what kind of projects we’ve done so far.

I am interested to freelancing at Labtek Indie. What kind of job I can get there?

We have exciting jobs for you in web development, android development, interactive installation, Design Thinking facilitating, accounting and financial analysis.

What kind of requirement I should have in order to work as freelancer there?

UI/UX design, android development, web development, hardware development and multimedia development.

Since it’s a freelancing job, is it okay If I work outside Labtek Indie office?

For those freelancers who work on Rapid Prototyping, you will join SCRUM Team. Therefore, you need to be at the office for at least 2 hours/day. Interact with your team buddies, guys!