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Design Thinking Consulting

As a problem-solving approach, Design Thinking methodology allows us to focus on empathizing with users, creative ideation (divergent and convergent thinking), prototyping, and co-creating with users.

Building Business Idea in Quick, Efficient, and Low-risk Manner.

We offer Design Thinking Training to share and learn together on how problem can be solved through comprehensive and insightful discussion with all stakeholders. We help you to learn more about customers’ insight and give feedback to your technology product.

Why Design Thinking ?

Gives you the opportunity to view a problem from different perspectives.

Gives you the opportunity to view a problem from different perspectives.

Allows you to delve into a core problem to determine its root cause.

Encourages innovative thinking and creative problem solving

Ensures that the final outcome meets objectives and clients requirements.

Results in a more effective and informative experience to your learners.

Design Thinking Process

Digging deeper and seek for insight from your stakeholders to find the core problem.

Determining what kind of problem you need to solve through the product.

Gathering and generating ideas for your product.

Turning ideas into product with Rapid Prototyping.

Testing and validating your product prototype.

Rapid Prototyping

Product development is a continuous process based on clients’ needs. In Labtek Indie, we believe how prioritizing your backlog is the best practice to generate a great product.

Confused? Watch the video below or scroll down to learn more!

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Through Rapid Prototyping, we can achieve Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The user-centered approach assures us to craft and build the most valuable feature as a priority. In this way, we can avoid the mistakes of creating wrong feature that nobody wants.

Why Rapid Prototyping for Your Technology Product ?

SCRUM as part of prototyping process allows us to work in agility.

Helps the client by making product backlog as the basis of our prototyping.

Provides product backlog consists of user stories we derived from user research and/or design thinking session.

Delivers prototype every 2 weeks (we call it one SPRINT).

Keeps transparency during our process, so clients can also track the prototyping progress.

How MVP's Should not be Built

This is how your product is developed without prioritizing the most important feature. Too risky in the end, right?

How we built MVPs

It’s all about process, agility and adapting to the real condition to achieve the best product.

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