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Providing Easy Security Service Through Realtime Monitoring System

Elga Networks

Digital Application,

Design Thinking Consulting, Rapid Prototyping,

4 sprint


Design Challenge

Elga Yasa Media (Elganet), an IT solution company which is subsidiaries of Medco Group, is looking a way to modernise The Energy building’s security system. For years, The Energy building security was maintained using walky-talkies, pen, and paper.

Proposed Solution

Using a realtime reporting system to ease security worker in documenting his patrol, while in the HQ CSO could monitor the patrol easily and doing further analytics on the reports.

“Investigating a potential users through user stories and apply rapid paper prototyping to simulate the initial idea.


  • Product backlog
  • Mobile application: Source code & compiled APK
  • Web application: Source code & hosted web app on Elganet's internal server

Tools of Trade

  • Design Thinking
  • Scrum
  • Native Android
  • Firebase
  • AngularJS
  • NFC

“Cikaracak ninggang batu, laun-laun jadi legok.”

~ Andy Warholl

Design Thinking Consultation

In order to gain a user-centered product, we held a Design Thinking workshop with stakeholders from Elganet. Here we knew that The Energy building security system has been maintained in an old-fashioned way. This way all the documentation and report regarding the event on the patrol were less manageable. Another insight we found is that security guards were needed to be in focus while patrolling so that we need to design an effective system that easily manages.

“We are very avid on using paper prototyping as an easy and playful tool to simulate any potential ideas.”

Sprint 1

In this sprint, we design and develop the first prototype of Elga Security which soon to be Jaguard Security. The UI UX for desktop mode consists of 2 main functions, Dashboard and Overview.


Dashboard mode gives the information about NFC check- points on the map with details such as on-duty Patrol Personage, also reports with photos and notes.

Overview mode gives a more specific information. On this first prototype, it gives time-based information which can be categorised in daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

Sprint 2

In this sprint, we developed a further analytic system for Leader Security Guard and Chief Security Officer of the building. This system developed to ease these two stakeholders in manage the security report.

Pic. 2

Sprint 3

In this sprint, we doing a major change on UI design to aligned it with Elganet’s brand guideline. Also, we implemented a new user experience in floor monitoring, where in this sprint we added the whole floor visualisation of The Energy building.

Pic. 3

Sprint 4

In this sprint, we doing optimisation and minor user experience revision towards monitoring dashboard.

Pic. 4

Valuable Lesson

  • How to make a real-time messaging system to communicate security guard on patrol and security leader on HQ
  • How to minimising security guard interaction with the system, so he could concentrate on his real job to secure and monitor the condition